Welcome to Green Hills PTA

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6 - 10

Taco Tuesday is May 7!

Green Hills PTA is a non-profit organization run by volunteers consisting of parents, grandparents and teachers helping ensure that our children receive a 21st century education.

The PTA supports your child by:

  • Purchasing essential teaching, curricular materials, and school supplies not provided by the school district.
  • Funding enrichment programs like field trips, school assemblies, and music performances.
  • Building community through events like our annual dance, baseball game, and Kids Night Out.
  • Improving the school experience by organizing volunteers to assist inside and outside the classroom.

All Green Hills parents and teachers are invited to join the PTA and are encouraged to attend meetings or get involved by volunteering at every level of the organization! Join the PTA

2018 - 2019 PTA General Meetings and Kids Night Out

  • Wednesday, September 5 @ 6pm - First Meeting of the Year - Summary of Meeting
  • Thursday, November 15 @ 6pm - cancelled due to poor air quality from the Butte County fire.
  • Thursday, February 7 @ 6pm - Summary of Meeting
  • Thursday, April 18 @ 6pm

NEW 2018-19 School Year Programs

Due to the strong support from parents, PTA and MEF will fund and support the following new programs this year:

  • Full-time STEAM Innovation Coach
  • Legarza for teamwork enrichment 2x/month
  • TK-8 Technology Integration Coaches
  • STEAM Elective at Taylor Middle School
  • Technology Instruction at Taylor
  • Leap Art program

Learn more about MEF, the Annual Fund, and other ways to donate to Green Hills.

Annual Fund

Last year 58% of families participated in the Annual Fund. We want all Green Hills families to participate in the fund this year. Also the Annual Fund pays for all school supplies this year so you don't have to go shopping. Learn more about the Annual Fund.

Reaching our goal means no more fundraisers for the year!

Total Contributions to Date

Contributions by Grade Level