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Green Hills PTA is a non-profit organization run by volunteers consisting of parents, grandparents and teachers helping ensure that our children receive a quality education. 

The PTA supports your child by: 

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All Green Hills parents and teachers are invited to join the PTA and are encouraged to attend meetings or get involved by volunteering at every level of the organization! 

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When parents are more involved, children do better in school. Kids are more motivated to learn, leading to higher self-esteem and a more fruitful learning experience.

We understand how busy you are and value your time. Opportunities exist both during and outside regular school hours, with some needing only 30 minutes of your time

Want to get involved but not sure what you want to do? Talk to your PTA Board Members or send an email to president@greenhillspta.org! Our kids have great opportunities to learn and grow when there are more volunteers helping out! 

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In past years, ​only 56%​ of families participated in fundraisers. Your donation is needed because the state does not provide our school with enough basic resources to give each grade an opportunity to thrive. Our school district is one of the lowest-funded in San Mateo County. We want all Green Hills families to participate in the fund this year. The PTA Annual Fund also pays for all school supplies so that you don't have to go shopping. 

Reaching our goal means no more fundraisers for the year! 

Learn more  about the PTA Annual Fund.


We need your financial support to help us fund for your child's success. Our Annual Fund goal of $45,000 will go towards immediate needs, including Chromebooks for students who need one, tech equipment for teachers, and as always, all classroom school supplies for the year. 

Our PTA partners with the Millbrae School District to ensure all students have access to a Chromebook where needed. 

Please consider donating the suggested amount of $300 per child towards our Annual Fund. However, our community appreciates any amount you can give towards maintaining the quality of our children's education during these difficult times.

This year, your support is needed for these items:

Learn more about MEF, the PTA Annual Fund, and other ways to donate to Green Hills.

2018-22 Fundraising Achievements