How PTA Funds Support Green Hills

We have great teachers, but they need updated classrooms and tools to teach effectively. That’s when the PTA steps in to help. Here is a list of school activities, community events, supplies and services that are funded or supported by our PTA:

  • Arts program for each class (paused for 20-21 schoolyear)

  • Additional Chromebooks for the Computer Lab and Chromecarts used by all grades

  • iPad minis for each classroom

  • Field Trip tickets and buses for all grades

  • STEM workshops for each class

  • Performances for enrichment like Kohl Mansion Music and Taylor Band

  • Smart Boards or Smart TVs for each classroom

  • Portable sound system for the school

  • Educational books for the school

  • Additional funds for teachers to use in their classroom

  • Kids' Night Outs - performances by entertainers during the 1st and last PTA meetings

  • Kids' Movie Nights

  • Green Hills Games (baseball and other fun games - adults versus kids)

  • Winter Dance

  • Parents' Night Out

  • Welcome Back Event

  • International Potluck Night

  • Yearbook

  • Spirit Wear

  • Scholarship fund for the Coloma field trip taken by our 4th and 5th Graders every 2 years


There are several ways for you to participate and donate to Green Hills through various planned fundraisers throughout the year.

  • Green Hills Annual Fund - our big ask for donations which will eliminate smaller fundraisers like Math-a-thon and Spell-a-thon if we reach our goal!

  • Winter Dance + Auction

  • Thankful Grams

  • Check out other easy ways to give through everyday purchases you already make!

This year our goal is to raise $30,000 for the Annual Fund and eliminate other smaller fundraisers (such as the Math-a-thon and Spell-a-thon)!

If you wish to volunteer at any of these events, please fill out the volunteer form.

Donate to the Annual Fund




We know that all of the various ways to donate to the school can feel overwhelming. We aim to make the process transparent and easy for families to understand how all of the various funds are used.

If you have more questions, please email us at or send us a message on Facebook.

Q: Why should I donate to the Annual Fund?

A: The fund provides a way for all our children to benefit from programs that are not funded or underfunded by the state and school district. Donations to the fund will be used to buy more laptops and help students learn valuable skills such as online research and typing. Standardized testing for 3rd-5th grade also require computers. To see more details on how the Annual Fund is used, visit our Annual Fund page.

Q: How do Millbrae Education Foundation (MEF) and PTA support my child's education?

A: MEF and PTA both support your child’s education in complementary ways. PTA provides school-specific support, while MEF provides support for the whole district, including hiring teachers and funding district-wide programs. Supporting both means a better school system, which is better for all of us.

Q: Why do I need to donate to MEF and PTA if Measure N already passed?

Funds donated to MEF and PTA provide additional enrichment and support to further improve our children’s education. Measure N funds are estimated to only add approximately $270 per student. These dollars cannot replace your donations as they are committed to support hands-on STEM instruction, attract and retain qualified teachers, strengthen reading and writing programs, and restore art and music programs. Both Measure N funds and your generous support for MEF and PTA are needed by your children.

Q: I already pay for property taxes, doesn’t this money help our schools?

Some Millbrae residents pay a relatively high amount in property taxes because of high property values. Unfortunately there is no relationship between the amount any resident pays and the money received by our schools. The school district budget is effectively determined by the state and not by local property taxes. The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) means that all districts receive funding based on the average daily attendance (ADA) of students. The higher the attendance rate, the higher the funding received. Additional funds are distributed based on student demographics and socioeconomic status.

Q: What if I cannot afford to pay $300?

A: Any donation amount from your family will help to benefit your child and his/her education. $300 equates to $30/month while your child is at school. It is a small investment for a large impact on their education. You can consider making 3 monthly payments of $100. Alternatively, consider donating your time and talent by volunteering for the PTA and the school. There are many volunteering opportunities which cater to different needs.

Q: I thought public education is free. Why should I donate?

A: California ranked 41st in K-12 education spending for the year 2013. Free public education does not provide for activities which enhance the quality education our children receive at Green Hills. For example, enrichment programs such as Art, Music and Technology are not available, as well as community building activities, and technology resources.

Q: What is the Corporate Matching Program? How can I find out if my company offers this?

A: This is an easy and great way to double the impact of your donation! Your employer may match your donation to Green Hills Elementary PTA and MEF. Check and enter your employer's name to check if they will match your donation and how to start the process. Your employer may need this information:

  • The date of your donation

  • Donation recipient: Green Hills Elementary PTA, GH Annual Fund, 401 Ludeman Lane, Millbrae, CA 94030

  • Green Hills Elementary PTA Tax ID # 94-6172234 ; MEF Tax ID # 41-2258685

Q: Why does the PTA pay for field trips?

A: State funding does not include field trips which enhance our children's education through hands-on learning. Did you know that the buses used for field trips can cost $500 - $700 for one grade? Students and teachers rely on the PTA to fund the field trip costs including ticket prices and transportation to the venue are not funded by the school district. With enough donations, we hope that all grades are able to take one or two field trips each year.

Q: What school supplies do I need to buy?

A: The Green Hills Annual Fund will pay for school supplies for the entire school. This means no back to school shopping so please donate to the Annual Fund.

Q: How do I become a PTA Member?

A: With your $300 donation, you can opt in to be a PTA member. Please join us at our first PTA meeting in Sep via Zoom. You can also find more information on our website at

Q: If I’m not a PTA member, can I participate in events or volunteer?

A: Yes, everyone can participate in any events or volunteer, membership is not required. We encourage everyone to join and get involved. However only members can vote on how funds raised are spent throughout the year.

Q: How else can I help the PTA and the school raise more money?

A: There are many ways you can help:

Q: How do other school districts have more funding than Millbrae Elementary School DIstrict?

Other school districts receive funds beyond minimum LCFF/state/federal funding through local revenue sources. This includes donations from their education foundations, parcel taxes and other site-based revenue (e.g. school facility rentals). A stronger education foundation is also essential to provide a competitive, well-rounded education for all our children.