Parent Volunteer Exchange Program

Parent Volunteer Exchange Program

Hello Fellow Millbrae Parents,

My name is Jamie Casile and I am the Green Hills Elementary School Volunteer Co-Coordinator. On behalf of Green Hills PTA, I would like to propose, and invite you to participate in the Parent Volunteer Exchange program.

As you all know, it can be challenging to find parent volunteers to help with school family events. While we are all happy to help support and bring together our school, children, and community, sometimes it would be nice to enjoy the events we’ve put together.

We would like to propose an exchange of adults (parents) to volunteer at our respective schools’ events. Initially, we can keep this simple and low key. Parents from different schools who already know each other would volunteer at each other’s events. These volunteers could bring one or two parents from their school to help out as well, and as more events occur, more connections will be built. This simple effort is a great start to building our community. The hope is to create meaningful connections between Millbrae parents in the elementary school years so that by the me our children reach Taylor, a strong foundation on will exist for us to work together as a community during our children’s middle school years and beyond.

We hope you will consider this program. Thank you for your me and we look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us with your thoughts at .


Green Hills PTA Volunteer Co-coordinator