Volunteers are valuable both inside and outside of the classroom. Listed below are brief descriptions of some of the needs for your school. Please take a look and contact us at volunteer@greenhillspta.org if you have any questions. Thank you!


Grade Level Representative​s

Help keep parents and students connected with each other virtually this year by planning or hosting social events for the kids or families. There are lots of fun, low-effort ideas and sometimes it just takes hosting a Zoom session for kids to chat together and get their sillies out. Ideally we would like 2-3 Grade Level Reps per grade. You can also attend the PTA Board Meetings :)

Tech Support for Teachers/Parents​

Help our teachers give our children the best distance learning experience! Teachers may need tech support for issues that happen either during the school day or outside school hours. We will contact your further for your availability and contact information that will be passed onto teachers or other parents.

Yearbook Pictures​

Help collect yearbook pictures for your class or grade to make sure we get photos of every student in the yearbook.

Talent Show Coordinator​

Help coordinate the acts, rehearsals, and the event. We have a great template for how everything should run. Do this with a friend or two! Talent Show tentatively scheduled for 04/2021.

Field Trips Coordinator​

Help our teachers out by working closely with the teacher representatives coordinating their field trips. This includes making inquiries with places/online programs teachers are interested in going and scheduling field trip dates. This is a great opportunity to ensure that field trips happen in every grade and get to know what teachers do for field trips.

Kinder Welcome Committee

Welcome new families to Green Hills. (for 2021-22)

Spirit Week

Show your school spirit! Help with themes, advertise by grades, classrooms flyers, prizes.

Assembly Coordinator​

Work with teacher reps and Principal Fong to coordinate assemblies. This includes making inquiries to and schedule potential groups that would come out to do assemblies, communicate to teacher reps and Principal Fong the details and ensure that the scheduling is done in a timely manner. Coordinate 3-5 assemblies next year for all grades.

Fiesta Fridays

Come eat tacos for dinner and hang out with your school friends! Help pick up food, hand out food, set up and clean up.

Lost and Found

Help return forgotten items to kids (and their parents). Flexible and open to new solutions. Can be done on your own time. Currently: Roll out and return the bin during drop off/pick up.

PTA Bulletin Board

Update the PTA Bulletin board with the Monthly Calendar. Check with office calendar for upcoming monthly events, add to large monthly calendar to put on bulletin board.

Marquee Monitor

This is a monthly opportunity on your own time. Update the main marquee in front of the office and the small board at the lower parking lot with the upcoming events.

Emergency Kit Updating​

Help review, replace, and restock items in all of the emergency bags in each classroom. Work with Ms. Woodall to coordinate ordering of supplies.

Classroom volunteers*

Please speak with your teacher about their needs.

Field trip chaperone*

Please speak with your teacher about their needs.

Lunchroom or Recess supervision*

These opportunities are continuously looking for help. If you have half an hour to spare or one day per week or one day per month, these could be just for you!

    • Lunch Monitor Help: help keep the MUR running smoothly during lunch

    • Recess Monitor Help: help make sure everyone is playing safely during recess

Rainy Day supervision*

Needs a coordinator. Supervising students indoors during lunch time on rainy days. This opportunity is on-call. If it turns out to be a rainy day and everyone needs to be indoors, a coordinator will send a request text out.

* indicates opportunities which require fingerprinting clearance before participation.


Welcome Back Day

Welcoming everyone back to school, help new families feel comfortable on campus, help families update important paperwork. Sign up to help with set-up, clean-up, and/or planning for next year. (Planning will occur during the summer.)

Book Fairs (Fall and Spring)

Help bring the online book fair to Green Hills and spark our kids' excitement for reading! Currently in search of Co-coordinators. Help advertise.

Virtual Winter Dance

Get dressed up for a night of dancing and fun for the entire family. Planning and night of volunteers needed.

Thankful Grams

Send a special gram to your friends and teachers! Help make these unique Grams, sell, class distribution, tags, etc.

5th Grade Promotion

Help plan activities for 5th graders to make this a memorable final year at Green Hills. Activities include 5th grade t-shirts, swim party (pending in-person return), and promotion ceremony.